The Noorside house-factory is based in the village of Nitiprayan on the outskirts of Yogyakarta, where the urban world merges with traditional Javanese farming communities. The area is a regional hub for artists, musicians and students from across the Indonesian Archipelago. Noorside’s house-factory is a unique concept that seeks to integrate lighting production into the surrounding cultural and ecological landscape. Here are some stories from the Noorside community showing life from within our neighbourhood.

    • Conture Indonesia

      Conture Indonesia

      The city of Bandung, Indonesia, is a city of fashion with its fame in culinary, arts, and creative design. It is a notable ground for learning and advancing arts and design creativities to Indonesian […]

    • Making food politics personal

      Making food politics personal

      One day in February 2013 a group of twenty friends came together to transform an empty plot of land in Nitiprayan, a village in the southern part of Yogyakarta, into a garden. Inspired by […]

    • From heart to stone arts

      From heart to stone arts

      His name is Yono, a figure in Indonesia’s stone carving scene who aims at preserving the traditional way of producing the artworks. Nowadays, Yono’s artworks have become one of the best in Indonesia, with […]